04 Jun 2020

Premium PT Gymnastics Class

Gymnastics: 45 minutes divided in to core / abdominal training and gymnastic skill based movement such as pull ups or handstands (alternating weeks). This class aims to improve co-ordination and full body strength using your own body weight as resistance in place of machines and equipment.

Max People: 10 per class

Example Program:

A) Hollow Hold & Hollow Rocks 3x 30 seconds

B) Superman Holds & Toe Touches 3x 30 seconds

C) V-Ups & Hollow to Arch Rolls 3x 25 seconds

Skill: Strict Pull Ups 5 x 5


21/18/15/12/9/6 For Time

Ski Erg or Rower Calories

Toes to Bar/ Hanging Leg or Knee Raises