04 Jun 2020

Premium PT Stretch Class

Stretch: 45 minutes of athlete specific stretching and mobilisation including: a combination of static and dynamic stretching / body flow. A good class for all levels of fitness, strength and mobility.

Max People: 10 per class.

Example Program:

A1) Inch worm to step MC 3 x 1 min

A2) Forward fold with arm circles 3 x 40 s per side

B1) Mountain climber on elbow with reach for reps 3 x 1 min per side

B2) Pigeon Pose 3 x 1 min per side

C1) Side Lunge and Reach 3 x 1 min

C2) Thread the Needle 3 x 40s per side

C3) Cat Cow 3 x 1 min

D1) Hip Flow to hip thrust 3 x 90 seconds

D2) Laying Hip opener 3 x 1 min

D3) Child’s Pose 3 x 1 min

E1) Hands together behind back chest stretch 3 x 40s per side

E2) Tricep stretch 3 x 40 s per side

F1) Neck roll 3 x 30s

G1) Forearms 3 x