16 Oct 2020

6WKC Weekend Tasks!

Saturday is your weekly check in!

  • Measurement and Weight In (weight yourself in the morning & do basic tape measurements)
  • Take A Progress Photos (mirror selfie or a partner / friend can take it) Front / Side / Back. These photos are private and can help YOU see progress!

Sunday Team Check in!

  • Sunday’s 9:15AM SweetBox Team Workout! Please attend this class to keep accountable and train as a team.
  • Junk Food Check: Are you cutting out your bad habits? That sneaky sugar hit and junk food catches up to you! Detox your body!
  • Cut Alcohol Out! Give yourself and your liver a detox! Alcohol can add calories and affect your sleep. Sleep is critical to drop fat and to keep your organs healthy. Clear your mind and write your thoughts down. Do tasks that keep you active and happy. Alcohol can set negative patterns of dependancy and encourage bad habits.