Fitness HITT: Fitness / endurance – 45 minutes of high intensity cardio training including: ladder, dumbbell, dead ball and kettlebell work combined with fitness machines: rower, echo bike, ski-erg and body weight movements. A good class for beginners of all fitness and strength levels.

Cardio Club – 30 minutes. Rower, Echo Bike, Ski Erg and Running  interval training to improve your fitness.

Stretch: 30 minutes of athlete specific stretching and mobilisation including: a combination of static and dynamic stretching / body flow. A good class for all levels of fitness, strength and mobility. This class compliments Gymnastics and  Cardio Club.

Strength: 45 minutes of Strength Conditioning. Class has a strength focus, each months will focus will be improving a particular compound lift (i.e. deadlift, squat, bench, overhead press etc) finishing off with accessory strength exercises. A good class for all fitness levels and for individuals wanting to improve their strength and muscle tone.

Gymnastics: 45 minutes divided in to core / abdominal training and gymnastic skill based movements. This class aims to improve co-ordination and full body strength using your own body weight with movements such as pull ups, ring dips, handstands, toes to bar and muscle up progression.

WOD (Workout of the Day): 45 minutes of cardio/ strength endurance training, a combination of strength and all fitness. This class caters to all level of strength and fitness but can be challenging in terms of skill based movements. If you like to be competitive this class is for you!