Fitness: Fitness / endurance – 45 minutes of high intensity cardio training including: ladder, dumbbell, dead ball and kettlebell work combined with fitness machines: rower, air bike, ski-erg and body weight movements. A good class for beginners of all fitness and strength levels.

Fitness Interval Training: Fitness – 30 minutes. Rower, Echo Bike, Ski Erg and Running  interval training to improve your fitness.

Stretch: 45 minutes of athlete specific stretching and mobilisation including: a combination of static and dynamic stretching / body flow. A good class for all levels of fitness, strength and mobility.

Strength: 45 minutes of Strength Conditioning. Class has a strength focus, each months will focus will be improving a particular compound lift (i.e. deadlift, squat, bench, overhead press etc) finishing off with accessory strength exercises. A good class for all fitness levels and for individuals wanting to improve their strength and stamina.

Gymnastics: 45 minutes divided in to core / abdominal training and gymnastic skill based movement such as pull ups or handstands (alternating weeks). This class aims to improve co-ordination and full body strength using your own body weight as resistance in place of machines and equipment.

Weight Lifting: Follow a weight lifting program working on your technique with Snatch, Clean & Jerk lifts.

WOD (Workout of the Day): 60 minutes of cardio/ strength endurance training, a combination of strength and all fitness. This class caters to all level of strength and fitness but can be challenging in terms of skill based movements.